The SEED masterplan


It is our manmade urban realm that at times strips us of our
well-being and bombards our bodies with pollution of varying forms. Our intervention is based around the idea of injecting the benefits of a natural environment into an urban context. The project is devised around the idea of urban cleansing through the use of Wildflowers, using natural yet creative processes to achieve this. A return to nature and its benefits where the tasks of the complete cleansing process are celebrated as architectural forms.

The seed Masterplan is placed in the heart of Bootle. The creation of such a place enables the public to identify and engage with this positive offering. In contrast to the negativity of the surrounding urban fabric, the physical and mental healing properties of nature are exposed and accessible to all.

The design articulates a variety of experiences for the user into and around the site. The heart of the site consists of three interwoven segments, that are diverse and self supporting, feeding from one another- Health, Education and Production, that circulate around the heart of the site creating an enclosed public square. The site is
surrounded by wildflowers that will be used in all three segments.