Hidden Agendas (freedom of speech forum)


The state makes man an instrument to serve it’s arbitrary needs overlooking his individual purposes. Since man in essence is a free self perfecting being the state is a profoundly anti-human institution. It’s actions and existence are incompatible with the full harmonious development of human potential in it’s richest diversity.

The state has become power crazed, monitoring the population extensively in order to snub out non reforming splinter groups. ‘ANARCHY IN THE CITY’ reads the headline, whispers of a free speaking forum flood the city. The voice of the people will finally be heard.


The project will benefit from the steel frame structure used to support all the major components. It will give the program a permanent status within the city and on that will visibly age. Due to the kinetic elements involved the structure must maintain stability and strength which will be provided by appropriate bracing and reinforcements. All the structure will remain visible with joints expressed in a poetic manner to relate to the theme. It is only the component capsules of the dark rooms, editing suites etc that will be treated differently. These will be pure concrete caskets that will reveal nothing. They are the components with hidden agendas they allow privacy for the user to express themselves. Not everyone is a performer and not every part of the project shows it’s true colours (at first). The market stalls will be formed from refurbished shipping containers. These containers arrive on site via the proposed above ground rail track. A crane situated within the main core of the building plucks the containers from the delivery train and deposits them at the appropriate level. The containers move freely along the linear market tracks until they reach there desired slot. As the structure will be a steel grid based around the dimensions of shipping containers there will be potential for further developments. Parts of the linear market could remain as permanent features.