Writer’s Retreat (Neuberg masterplan)


A place for contemplation and inspiration within a newly developed rural landscape. The introduction of a unique writing hub allows scholars and the public to interact giving visitors the opportunity to fully understand the writing process from concept to product.

Within the masterplan there will be an area of the monastery which is used to promote creative writing. Travelling authors are encouraged to champion their profession and pass on their knowledge and skills within a stimulating environment. The surrounding landscape will allow interaction between the public and the resident academics, whilst celebrating the existing monastery. The writer’s retreat is also home to a theatre which can be used to stage theatrical productions and book readings with the adjoining lecture hall used for writing seminars and workshops. Continuing through the existing monastery building there will be restaurants and cafes, the existing glass manufacturer will remain (to promote local industry), a literature museum will be housed in the buildings which create the two main courtyards, also within this part will be a public library with a local book archive and finally the building adjacent to the main transport route will be home to the printing press.

Each aspect of the masterplan will be accessible to the public, allowing interaction between the public and all aspects of literature will help promote the subject and encourage both reading and writing. Due to the redevelopment of the existing monastery there was a need to generate an urban design proposal that would help improve the surrounding area and provide adequate public spaces and buildings. At present the monastery suffers from poor access routes and does not provide suitable spaces for visitors to interact. The introduction of a new landscaping design would improve the access points and give locals and visitors key points of interest. A new transport hub will be constructed across the river in order to accommodate the increased number of visitors. From the transport hub visitors can travel across the footbridge and into the new public square. Here they can access the two new buildings; one which will house a recycling centre, local trade shops and workshops and the other which will house cafes/bars/restaurants and short stay accommodation facilities. The masterplan thrives on it’s ability to adapt and to offer a year round program to all.