Neil Taylor


Committed to excellence in design and improving the environment we live in.

I have a strong awareness of current and future environmental and social factors that will inevitably shape the way we design and think. The successful matrimony of these issues presents us with numerous challenges but also far greater opportunities.

On starting my architectural journey it became evident that in order to succeed we must adapt and it is this notion that excites me. The ability to evolve throughout life has meant that we live in an ever-changing society devoted to success, and I am no different.

Over the years I have continued to improve my architectural skills and knowledge, treating each project as an opportunity to expand my abilities. In order to progress and improve it is understood that we must always be pushing the boundaries and testing ourselves to the nth degree. With each project I endeavoured to learn something new whilst using my existing understanding to produce a project of architectural merit. The outcomes varied in context, scale, purpose and form but each resolved the brief in a dynamic manner, allowing me to showcase my talents. My ability to problem solve efficiently in a highly stressful environment has enabled me to remain focused on the overall intentions.

Diploma in Architecture DipArch, 2011 - (Commendation)
BA [Hons] Architecture, 2008 - (2:1)
(School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University)

Design & Technology, Art, General Studies


Maths, English Language, English Literature, Design & Technology, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, German, Religious Education

My ability to present ideas in a clear informative manner is evident throughout my educational and professional terms. I am always open-minded in discussion and receptive to new ideas/ concepts. Whilst studying and in professional practice I have always been and will always remain reliable and dependable, maintaining high personal standards and attention to detail throughout. I consider myself extremely self-aware, always seeking to learn and grow.

I have developed a clear understand of how site context can effect design decisions resulting in a portfolio of works that are not simply ornamental. I have constantly created innovative design solutions within differing contexts and I have always been committed to improving my technical and personal skills. When working within a team I have always been a valued team member able to present ideas and motivate, ensuring each project reaches its full potential. During both my educational and professional terms I have excelled at producing provocative and inventive ideas that help drive the project forwards.

A clear understanding of architectural merit with a dynamic approach to design.

Studying architecture over the past 6 years has enabled me to improve my design skills and gain valuable experience in a continually evolving profession. I have responded extremely well to the transition between University and Professional practice, thriving in the varying working environments. I remain dedicated to Architecture, championing good design and pioneering alternative adaptable solutions. I have a keen interest in kinetic architecture and how we can make a building work for its inhabitants in terms of providing a suitable living/working environment whilst producing all of the energy needed to sustain itself. Progression is the key because without it we remain still.

Part 1 Architectural Assistant, 2008-09
(Falconer Chester Hall Architects,Liverpool)

Tasks included:
+ Preparing drawings for tender.
+ Creating conceptual/final images.
+ Producing concise design reports and feasibility studies.
+ Aiding the various Architects throughout the design process.
+ Liaising with clients, offering an initial point of contact.

+ DIY Integrated City, 2010 (Oct-Nov).
+ Erasmus Proposals Competition, 2010 (Oct).
+ Erasmus Annual Day Exhibition, 2011 (May).
+ Neuberg Culture Day Exhibition, 2011 (Jul)
+ FH Joanneum Graz U.A.S. Book Presentation, 2011 (Oct)
+ Integrated Habitats Design Competition, 2011 (Ongoing)


  • Architecture
  • Graphic Design


  • Microstation
  • Autodesk Autocad
  • Google Sketchup
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Adobe Indesign CS
  • V-Ray
  • 3ds Max
  • Revit
  • Podium
  • Microsoft Office